Landfill, Recycling and Waste Collection

The Town of Englehart is transitioning to a bi-weekly automated waste collection system in September 2023, which requires residents to use the provided 65-gallon waste carts. 

 We continue to use a manual recycling program that requires residents to bring their clear recycling bags roadside. 

There are several ways for property owners to pay their Utilities (Sewer, Water and Garbage appear on one bill). Payments can be made by cash, cheque, interac, eTransfer and online bill payments. 

Cash, Cheque & Interac Payments

Payments made by cash, cheque or interac can be done at the Municipal Office located at 61 Fifth Avenue. Should you be unable to attend the office during regular business hours, you may place your payment in the secure drop box located to the left of the front door at the Municipal Office. 


Payments can be made via eTransfer to

Autodeposit is enabled, therefore if your institution requires you create a password then the payment won't be put through to our account. In this case, you will have to pay by an alternate method.

Online Bill Payments

Payments made via online bill payments are accepted using all major banking institutions. The Payee name is: ENGLEHART (TOWN OF) WATER. This account consists of an Account Number that is 6 to 7 alpha numeric characters. You must enter this number without any spaces. 


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Option 1

  • Bi-weekly pick-up of 1 65-gallon roll-out cart per business
  • No additional charge

Option 2

  • Weekly Pick-up of 1 65-gallon roll-out cart per business
  • Additional charge applies (see below)

Option 3

  • Weekly pick-up of waste bin (2, 4, or 6 yard)
  • Additional charge applies (see below)

 *Please note residential units in the downtown core are NOT eligible for weekly pickup.


Option 1 

  • Bi-weekly pick-up 1 65-gallon roll-out carts per business
  • No additional charge

Option 2 

  • Bi-weekly pick-up 2 65-gallon roll-out carts per business
  • Additional charge (see below)
Option 3
  • Weekly pick up of waste bin (2,4, or 6 yard)
  • Additional charge (see below)

2 YARD BIN$21.50$21.40$1370.80 +HST
4 YARD BIN$21.50$32.60$1952.00 +HST
6 YARD BIN$21.50$44.85$2589.00 +HST
10 YARD BIN$30.10$68.75$3936.20 +HST

$314.16 (+$85.00 one-time cost of the second cart)

The Englehart Landfill is located in Marter Township (Part of the North 1/2 of Lot 9, Concession 4) and is open Tuesday and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. 

2023 Landfill Tipping Fees:

Contractor - Waste Management$5 per yard (7 Yard Maximum)
Wood $5 per yard
Inorganic Earth Like Material (Includes reclaimed asphalt products, aggregate, concrete, and soils free of chemical contaminants)$10.00 per yard
Yard Waste (Includes brush and plant materials suitable for composting purposes)No Fee
Residential / Commercial Waste: $5.00 per yard
Contaminated Waste
Asbestos waste includes $100 flat rate, plus tipping fee
$20.00 per yard
Unsorted Construction Waste$10.00 per yard

*Marter Township residents will not be charged tipping fees

Please note that use of the Englehart Landfill is for Englehart Residents only. No other municipalities are permitted to bring waste to the landfill. Please call the Town of Englehart Public Works department for more information 705-544-2288

The Englehart Landfill accepts payment by including cash or cheque. 

Should you require a charge account, please call the Municipal office at 705-544-2244 or email Administration

How will this change the current pick-up schedule?

The collection will now be done on a bi-weekly basis and will take place on Fridays. BOTH recycling and waste will be collected on the same Friday. 

What are the benefits of this system?

Transitioning to a bin system will result in less garbage going to the landfill, increase cost effectiveness and reduce environmental footprint.

Do I purchase the garbage bin?

Every household within the Town of Englehart is supplied with one (1) rollout cart; a 65-gallon (240 L) cart for household waste, designed for automated pick-up. These carts are expected to last 10 years. 

If you have a business or an apartment in your home that is registered with the Town of Englehart (i.e., You receive two separate utilities bills) you will receive two carts – one for the household and one for the business or apartment. They will be picked up biweekly. 

Do I own the waste cart?  

No. The cart will belong to the property, not the property owners.

Can residential property owners opt out of the enhanced waste management program?

No.  It is the intention of the Town of Englehart to have all residents participate in the program.  This increased waste diversion rate will extend the life of our landfill.

Can residential property owners purchase additional carts?

No. If you are unable to reduce your waste to fit in one cart, you can dispose of it at the Englehart Landfill Site.

I am a property owner with renters. What does this mean for me?

You are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the carts are available for your tenants, and

Multi-unit owners with six (6) or less residential units will be supplied with a 65-gallon rollout waste cart for each unit that will be picked up bi-weekly. 

Multi-unit owners with seven (7) or more residential units (for example, you receive 7 or more different utility bills) have the choice between a maximum of 7 carts, or to move to the (2, 4, or 6) yard “dumpster style” bins that will be picked up weekly at an additional cost. 

Large facilities and businesses that currently have dumpsters will continue to do so. 

Are the carts durable and easy to manoeuvre?

The waste cart is flexible and is proven to hold its shape even after years of service. The carts are constructed to withstand an automated collection system and are easy to roll even with heavy loads. The reinforced top lip adds strength and rigidity as do the double drag rail and reinforced bottom. The specially designed wide ground-hugging base helps keep these carts upright and stable.

Are black/green garbage bags required to hold garbage in the bin?

No. You have the option of placing your garbage in a regular sized garbage bag and then into the bin, or you can put smaller, "kitchen catcher" bags of garbage into the bin, eliminating the need to continually purchase large garbage bags.

What if I don't produce enough waste to fill the garbage or recycling bin every two weeks?

You have the option of waiting until your waste bin is full before setting it out for collection.

Can I put my residential cart in the back lane for pick up?

No. Although some businesses may have back lane pick-up, residential carts must be placed at the street in order to be picked up. 

What if I have too much waste to fit into the bin?

Excess garbage material beside your cart will not be picked up. If you have excess material, you can:

  • Store it so it can be picked up during the next collection period.
  • Dispose of it at the Town of Englehart landfill site which is open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9:00 – 5:00. 
  • Reduce your waste by:
    •  Avoiding purchasing items with excess packaging.
    • Don't throw away items that can be reused or donated.
    • Maximize waste diversion by using the recycling program to the fullest. 

What if I use a different can or container?

Garbage placed in non-approved containers is not able to be picked up by the truck. 

Items that are not collected at the curb, and must be taken to the landfill include:

  • Construction or demolition materials, such as shingles, drywall, tiles, concrete, bricks, and large amounts of wood.
  • Tires and automotive parts.
  • Large Articles, such as Barbeques, Mattresses, Furniture.

Set Out Instructions: 

  • Place cart at curbside after 8 p.m. the Thursday prior to pickup.
  • Ensure carts are as close to the street as possible, clearly visible and accessible.
  • Never place carts behind or on snow banks. 
  • Ensure bin lids are properly closed and facing the street. 
  • Ensure cart is at least 1 metre (3 feet) from any object, i.e. hydro poles, cars, snow banks etc. so the trucks’ automated arms can grab and lift carts.

Acceptable Recyclable Materials include the following:

  • Corrugated Cardboard & Pizza Boxes (flatten and remove all plastics and food from the cardboard)
  • Cereal/Tissue Boxes & Cardboard Tubes 
  • Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues, Books, etc
  • Household Papers
  • Plastic Bottles, Tubs, Pails, Trays, Foam packing
  • Plastic Bags
  • Clear & Coloured Glass Jars/Bottles (must be cleaned)
  • Milk & Juice Containers (rinsed out)
  • Egg Cartons
  • Aluminum, Steel cans, foil, pie plates & trays
  • Acceptable plastics include numbers 1-7

All items for recycling must be placed into see-through plastic bags. Only the large corrugated cardboard should be placed beside the recycling. All cardboard must be broken down.

Materials not accepted in recycling include the following:

  • Used Paper Plates
  • Facial & Tissue papers
  • Diapers
  • Food Scraps
  • Liquids
  • Tires
  • Toys
  • Propane Cylinders

If you require more information please contact the Public Works department at 705-544-2288


Recycling is picked up bi-weekly, on the same Friday that your waste is collected. 


Please note the regular pick-up schedule will continue for the remainder of August. The new cart system will have it's first pick-up Friday September 1st (5th Ave and South). The North (4th Ave and north) will have their first pick-up on Friday, September 8th. 

Please note that both Recycling and Waste will be put out on the same Friday.