Integrity Commissioner


The Code of Conduct for Members of Council outlines the principles of good conduct and ethics that Members of Council are expected to demonstrate in the performance of their duties as elected officials. 

Section 223.3 of the revised Municipal Act, enables a municipality to appoint an "Integrity Commissioner" to work in an independent manner to address the application of the Code of Conduct for elected officials and/or members of local boards.

Responsibilities of the Integrity Commissioner

  • Review the Code of Conduct for Members of Council and make recommendations 
  • Investigate complaints and alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct for Members of Council
  • Serve as an advisor to individual Members of Council in relation to the Code of Conduct and any procedures, rules and policies of the municipality governing ethical behaviour
  • Provide educational information to the public, the municipality, members of Council and local boards about the Code of Conduct and Municipal Conflict of Interest Act
  • Provide individual investigative reports, as required, which will include background concerning a complaint and recommendations to Municipal Council with respect to a complaint

Individuals or organizations who have witnessed behaviour by a member of Council, in their capacity as a member of Council for the Town of Englehart or in their capacity as a Council representative on committees and local boards, that they believe is in contravention of the Code of Conduct may address this by contacting the Municipality's Integrity Commissioner. 

Completed Inquiries 

Integrity Commissioner Inquiry Report - Council 

July 2023 - Integrity Commissioner Complaint Report - Councillor Jason deLeeuw