Englehart and Area Historical Museum

The Englehart & Area Historical Museum Staff, Board and volunteers, have been working very hard towards upgrading the currently non-operational elevator in order to meet the accessibility needs of our community.

A functional elevator will remove barriers ensuring that all can fully enjoy their experience and gain knowledge of the local heritage as well as the artwork of our local artists. By removing barriers through this project, access is granted to all levels of the museum for patrons to enjoy the variety of interesting historical displays throughout Museum.

The Englehart & Area Historical Museum provides an interesting tourist destination for visitors to the Englehart area providing an economic benefit to the entire community. This will also sustain the educational benefit to the local school groups who may have students or teachers or parents with accessibility needs, that visit the Museum to further their knowledge of our local history. We are preserving the past for the future to enjoy!

"There is nothing like walking down the street and seeing a building older than 100 years old..."

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Pioneers are the greatest assets a community can have.  Holding memories of the past, they carry our history with stories and artifacts breathing life into our museum.  As you explore the exhibits and displays throughout, millennium picture windows shine light on our heritage.  Beautifully painted by Kenny Fuller, they depict images of our area’s history.

Built in 1909, the museum is the oldest and tallest building in Englehart housing three floors and a vast collection of artifacts spanning from the prehistoric era to the early 20th century.

We are indebted to our forefathers for not only establishing our community, but for leaving us this living legacy in the vibrantly welcoming family we proudly call Englehart.

“The Old White Schoolhouse”

A Vision of Home. A Dream of Significance.

Take a walk through time with a visit to the Englehart and Area Historical Museum. As you truly explore “a learning experience in a school house”, discover three floors of over 17,000 artifacts. Home to both permanent and temporary exhibits, the museum hosts features and activities for all to enjoy. 

The Englehart and Area Historical Museum evolved from the vision of founder and advocate, Mrs. Ruby Bryan, owner of the local furniture store. For the area’s 50th Anniversary, Mrs. Bryan set up a temporary museum to showcase the effects of area pioneers discarding for modern home furnishings. 

Prior to its current purpose, the present museum building opened its doors embracing education to students in 1909. The rooms would continue to later serve as the high school until 1951 at which time primary grades would return and occupy the classes once more until 1976.

Over time, Mrs. Bryan’s artifacts continued to accumulate. In 1977 the Town of Englehart took possession of the building agreeing to house the collection. Although the building has seen multiple renovations, it has retained its original 1909 floors and ceilings. Generous donations of time, expertise and money support us in our endeavors to preserve our local history. 

Currently Closed due to COVID-19

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