Animal Services

As per By-Law 2015-15 (amendment to By-law 2014-19) every owner of a dog or cat must register their animal(s) at the Englehart Town Hall prior to January 31st each year.

Registration fees are $10.00 per calendar year for each animal if registered prior to January 31st. (With proof of spay/neuter, or if you are a senior citizen (over 65). 

Failure to register an animal by January 31st, will result in additional fees and penalties (As outlined in By-law 2014-19 above). If a dog was registered prior to October 1, 2011, annual renewals are not required. 

There is a limit of three dogs (and two cats) or three cats (and two dogs) allowed per dwelling. The total number of animals must not exceed five per dwelling.

By providing both registration and identification for our pets, we help to ensure their fastest and safest return home should they become lost in any emergency. Just as we carry identification to help us navigate our human lives, our pets deserve the same safeguard.

For further information please contact Town Hall or fill out the Animal Complaint Form and submit it by email.