Health, Wellness and Support

Health and Wellness

Extending above the basic amenities of a small town, Englehart's health and wellness providers strive for the highest possible quality of care providing value-based care and programs throughout homes, schools and the community to enhance health.

With supports for all ages, Englehart and Area health care providers work with patients and their families hand-in-hand to rehabilitate and encourage a barrier-free community.

The Health and wellness Sector includes but is not limited to:
Dental Care, Englehart and District Hospital, Message therapists, Chiropractors and more.


Englehart's support providers are community-based, striving to further assist seniors, adults with physical disabilities, individuals with intellectual disabilities, chronic conditions and complex patients. Promoting independence and well-being, they enable such residents to remain in their homes with dignity, sharing opportunities in all elements of living in the community with confidence. 

There are also programs and supports for businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as career and sustainable employment needs.

The Support Sector includes but is not limited to:  Enterprise Temiskaming, Cancer Care, Mental Health, Home supports and more.

Wheelchair Bus

There is a Wheelchair Bus available in Englehart for anyone who requires a wheelchair for mobility outside his/her home, any client in Northview Nursing Home or patient and Englehart and District Hospital. The bus user must be accompanied by a caregiver of at least 18 years of age. There is no charge for this service.

Applications are available at the hospital, seniors' residences, library and Northview Nursing Home. Pick up and travel areas are outlined on these applications and further information you might need. This service is happily provided and has been made available through fundraising to purchase the bus and the volunteer services of the drivers and Board of Directors.

Pet Services

Pets are more than animal companions. They often become integrated members of the family and household. Englehart veterinary services can be found under Pet Services in the Business Directory.