5 Year Energy Plan

Town of Englehart 5 Year Energy Plan

The Town of Englehart is taking measures to reduce the energy consumption in all of its buildings and facilities. Currently the buildings which are being monitored for their energy consumption and costs for natural gas and electricity are:

  • Community Complex, including the ice surface and banquet hall
  • Town Hall
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Public Works Garage
  • Fire Hall
  • Museum


The following table will illustrate the measures that the Town of Englehart will implement over the next five years to reduce energy consumption.

FacilityEnergy Source2012 TotalsEstimated Savings Per YearConservation Plan

Arena Complex and Banquet Hall


399,691.32000 kWh


171,000 kwh and a reduction of 121 metric tonnes of GHG Emissions

Installation of LED lighting throughout the entire building. Motion sensor light switches in bathrooms, change rooms, walking track and gym in 2014.

Water Treatment Plant


371,127.00000 kWh


5%-8% reduction

Replace current T8 lighting with LED fixtures and bulbs within the next 5 years.


Natural Gas

7,249.27400 Cubic Meters


5% reduction

Install programmable thermostats to save on heating energy.

Town Hall


31,996.00000 kWh


8%-10% reduction

Replace the current lighting fixtures with LED lighting.



17,318.37000 kWh


8%-10% reduction

Upgrade to LED lighting and install sensor lighting in the exhibit rooms.


Natural Gas


5%-8% reduction

High efficiency HVAC system


Energy Source

2012 Totals

2016 estimated savings

Conservation Plan

Fire Hall


19,075.00000 kWh


8%-10% reduction


Upgrade to LED lighting.


Natural Gas

11,507.86400 cubic meters



Install programmable thermostats in garage bay as well as upstairs hall and office area.

Install electric door closer in Bay#1. Replace furnaces with high efficiency models.